Hi there! My name is Emlyn, a try-hard renaissance man straddling the millenial/gen-z divide. I do policy, data and physics, amongst other things.

Why a website?

I used to think having your own website was the coolest thing ever, and so I thought I’d honour my 10-year-old self by making one. I have a lot of ideas in my head, from little research projects to coding and self-teaching new skills. I rarely action these ideas though, mostly because:

  • Watching films, TV and YouTube videos is much easier
  • I’m often exhausted
  • Other life things get in the way

However, these are really just excuses. Even a few minutes a day of working towards something can get you somewhere in the long-term. Leaving the ideas also makes me sad because:

  • I know I’m missing out on fun
  • The list keeps getting longer
  • I could have moved on to something even more fun by now if I’d followed through

I hope to use this site as an aide to keep my current and future selves accountable and share what I’ve learned. This may also connect me with like-minded individuals and help with my writing - and all the better for it!

A bit about me

My current professional interests lie at the nexus of science and public policy, where highly technical topics meet the needs of the general public. I’ve learned a lot in my recent roles, and have enjoyed them immensely. In the medium term, I would like to bring this experience back to the world of physics and a PhD in something that excites me (currently thinking about something in quantum information theory).

In my spare time I enjoy cooking (currently a mix of Adam Liaw and Alison Roman recipes, adapted for whatever’s in the fridge). I also satisfy my inner musician through cello and choral singing.

If you want to get in touch, follow me on Twitter @emlynsg or connect on LinkedIn. You can also find my resume here.